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Review Wood Router PORTER-CABLE 690LR

For your requirements, PORTER-CABLE 690LR Wood Router is a quite decent decision. The 1-3/4 torque of this woodworking tool is sufficient to perform many different tasks. This single-speed engine has an expanded level of accuracy and will likewise take into account an astounding of 27,500 rotations per minute.

PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router
  • 11-amp motor producing 1-3/4 peak horsepower
  • 27,500 revolutions-per-minute single-speed motor
  • Precision machined aluminum motor housing and base


 The PORTER-CABLE 690LR Wood Router is an intense unit finish with a 11 amps engine that can create 1-3/4 torque. This single-speed engine has an expanded level of exactness and will take into consideration an amazing 27,500 rotations/minute.

The brilliant aluminum engine case and base will just prompt a more drawn out existence of the whole unit. Adding to the durability of the whole unit’s development, all segments are dust protected, which is an amazing quality.


The Cam-bolt lever of this woodworking tool will empower straightforward coarse stature changes and additionally a simple engine discharge. The fast-settled base engine discharge will enable you to move the engine pack between the dive and d-handle bases. These parts are not included in the package since they are sold separately.

The deliberately and strategically…

Placed ergonomic handles help in expanding the unit’s compactness, prompting a more open to steering knowledge notwithstanding amid the jobs and activities throughout the day. As an addition to the exact cuts the switch guarantees, regardless of the wood assortment and thickness, it likewise incorporates a few collets that will acknowledge 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch shank bits.

The coarse change through winding cam outline and cam-bolt lever will dependably be quick and exact. The collet system is auto-discharge, taking into consideration a simple piece expulsion. This model from Porter Cable is exact to inside 1/128 inch, the ideal accuracy being guaranteed by a smaller scale profundity adjustor.

What about this model ?

This model owes its intense execution to the 11 amps engine having the capacity to create 1-3/4 strength. The unit will have the capacity to deal with most, if not all, things you toss its direction. The expansion level of exactness of this single-speed, aluminum-encased engine will consider a most extreme of 27,500 rotations/minute.

The 2 ergonomic, formed handles will expand the level of solace amid utilize, regardless of the activity term. Another feature in this class comes as an under the table stop that aides in keeping the engine from consistently pivoting under the base.For an expanded level of execution and proficiency, this Porter-Cable unit comes furnished with an auto-discharge yearling framework that facilitates the bit expulsion process.

The Router 690LR is for you ?

I prescribe the PORTER-CABLE 690LR to the two, experts and occasional users. It has all that could possibly be needed RPM to deal with about each kind of bits. Remember however (amateurs generally) that is best to avoid the shoddy bits and settle on the hard carbide one while handling exceptionally thick, hard wood assortments.

Experts will presumably simply utilize it for gathering together bits and different things along the line, much as I do. It complements more intense instruments pleasantly. DYI fans and periodic clients/tenderfoots will discover this unit simple to utilize, or, in other words, this may be their solitary switch.


  • Brushes are accessible externally
  • Easy bit removal due to Auto-Release collet system
  • Adjustable Height
  • Precise Cuts
  • 11 ampere powerful Motor
  • Quick and precise adjustment of coarse


  • No Variable Speed Option

 Settled base or dive, switches can be of awesome help in endeavoring to make patterns in an assortment of wood sheets, including adornments or distinctive accents – exhibitions you just can’t accomplish with a customary saw.

Fix Base or Plunge Base?

On the off chance that you are a learner, a settled base model is the one for you. While these units constrain your control a significant reasonable piece they are substantially less demanding to get acquainted with. Dive based units, in any case, let you apply a specific measure of strain to push the apparatus downwards and cut further into the wood board.

Engine’s Power

15-amp engines are the most well-known available. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you utilize them for a broadened period at the most noteworthy yield, the engine will unquestionably burn to the ground. Remember that you ought to likewise check the correct drive of the unit before buying it.

Cutting Depth

This component will essentially disclose to you how profound the switch will go into the wood piece. It’s best you settle on a unit with a variable profundity alternative. One with a lever as an afterthought or a simple to utilize cinch is the best.

 Variable Speed Option

The most ideal approach to take a gander at this issue is to know the correct number of rotations / minutes. The more the better. A switch with a delicate begins is additionally prescribed, contingent upon the current task. The variable speed choice will likewise enable you to effortlessly overcome any potential handles some wood pieces may have.

Shaft Lock

Shockingly, this element is anything but an all-inclusive one. Not all switches available have it. The shaft bolt will enable you to roll out brisk and simple improvements to any setting, and in addition swapping out sharp edges.

PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router
  • 11-amp motor producing 1-3/4 peak horsepower
  • 27,500 revolutions-per-minute single-speed motor
  • Precision machined aluminum motor housing and base


 In the wake of taking a gander at innumerable woodworking tools PORTER-CABLE 690LR Wood Router is surely the best among all. The ground-breaking engine with 1-3/4 torque is profoundly lauded, just like the profound and clear cuts. The cam-bolt lever empowering tallness alterations or the unit’s speed permitting a most extreme of 27,500 rotations/minute is one of the most likeable features of this product. Obviously, the 690LR model can hold its very own when contrasted with different models in its class.

In any case, there always are areas of improvement for every product, fundamentally the engine wearing out. Presently, I do presume this may have something to do with the switch being utilized for a broadened period at the most noteworthy yield. This is principally a people issue and not a machine related one. Another issue is with the way that the item does not accompany a plastic carrying case. Moreover, the product should have a variable speed option.