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7 Best Woodworking Tools 2019

To execute perfect woodwork, a carpenter needs to have ideal precision and creativity along with intricate woodworking skills. With the emergence of various power tools in the market, it’s even more comfortable for a create an excellent piece of woodwork in a short duration. Power tools not only escalate the skills of artisans but also helps to achieve various finishes without much hard work.

This article is dedicated to all those power tools, which has shaped the woodworking industry and made it easier for newbies to learn the art faster.

Top 7 tools for woodworking

Wood Planer

wood planer

Before start working on a plank of wood, its crucial for a woodworker to check the quality of the wood and ensure if it is in operating condition or not. Mostly the woods one get usually comes with appropriately cut and workable sizes. All one needs is a creative mind to start his/her woodworking project.

However, an artisan needs to smoothen the rough texture of the wood using the wood planer. This power tool makes it easier in shaping up the wood by eliminating all the weird surfaces and provide the wood a smooth finish.


JigSaw Tool
JigSaw Tool

If asked any woodworker around the world about the best way to cut a block of wood, all will suggest cutting it through a straight line. A Jigsaw is known among the best Power tool in woodworking that not only offers the worker to make an excellent linear cut with ease but also it helps in making angled cuts as well. Therefore, most artisans prefer jigsaw when it comes to attending an irregular shape of a wooden block.

Being a handheld device, jigsaw offers full control to the user allowing him/her to move the equipment in multiple directions. With more control at hand, users can control their cutting process and create more wood design. Jigsaw helps in carving, making bevels and turning curves pretty more comfortable and with more precision.

Circular Saw

circular saw
Circular Saw

A Circular saw is ideal for cutting large pieces of woods. Apart from being a handheld device, its also offer powerful cutting process. It comprises of a toothed or abrasive disc, helping in cutting a block of wood by rotary moment. Offering great portability and strength, this powerful cutting tool simplifies the wood cutting process for carpenters.

Tear-out is quite common in circular saws, but it can be reduced through a proper cutting procedure. To minimise splintering, workers can draw a straight line on masking tape and then cut the wood. Workers can also saw a little slower to reduce the splintering edges.

If you are thinking about buying a circular saw, you should read this article before.

Table Saw

table saw

Table saw is known as the workhorse of a workshop due to versatility and extreme power. A user just had to put the wood on top of the table and move it against the circular saw blade for a perfect cut. Offering numerous cuttings shapes such as rip, dado, square, rabbet, mitre-cut, crosscut etc., a table saw is among the top Power tools for woodworking.

While a table saw can be a perfect addition to the workshop, it also requires special skills to operate. Newbies trying woodworking for the first thing should avoid it until they get proper training from an experienced person. Its crucial to tuning the Table Saw regularly to keep it operating smoothly. Improperly tuned table saw is quite dangerous to work.


cordless drill
Cordless Drill

Proper drilling in wood is necessary to fit the nails or wood screws perfectly. To create a wood project, workers have to connect various pieces of woods. To establish a proper connection, most carpenter uses nails or wood screws. A driller can help in creating a fitting hole at the appropriate place.

A drill enhances the appearance and functionality of woodwork and makes it easier for a worker to create a hole without paying much effort. A woodworker can choose either a corded power drill or a cordless drill as per their choice. A cordless power drill is quite portable to work providing reversible action and a comfortable grip. While a cordless power drill mostly offers only two speed, a corded power drill comes with a variable rate.

Nail Gun

nail gun
Nail Gun

Driving nails through wooden pieces is one of the essential tasks in woodworking an defenitely can efficiently get the work done minus the extra effort and time consumption. It may escalate the budget of a woodworker but the ease and speed it provides often outweighs the cost.

One can easily nail ten planks of wood through a nail gun at the same time that takes nailing one piece of wood manually.

The time and labour saved by a nail gun can be utilised somewhere else.

Nail guns offer two types of firing modes

With a bounce-fire trigger, a worker can fire a nail just by touching or bouncing the nailer to the work surface. One may have to install the trigger separately.

sequential firing, a manual option, which allows a little more control of the woodworker, will allow you to press a trigger every time you want to shoot a nail.

This tool must be driven by means of compressor, having some exceptions available for batteries and fuel cell



Woodworkers, you can find this tool as a great help to clean the cut surfaces of wood. The sandblaster fires up granular materials like glass beads or sand at the surface of the wood at high pressure and removes all unwanted elements.

Some stubborn spots in wood are impossible to clean utilising standard methods. Being one of the most efficient Power tools in woodworking, the sandblaster helps to clean those spots with ease.

Choosing the Best Woodworking Tools

With a lot of power tools at disposal, a woodworker gets a lot of option while performing a task. While procuring some power tools are mandatory, some advanced tools require advanced skills of the worker. All the tools mentioned above assist in making the woodworking process more comfortable and more convenient. Utilising them with proper knowledge can result in high-quality woodwork.