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Review JigSaw Tool PORTER-CABLE PCE345

The jigsaw PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is a basic woodworking tool in your shop or home. It’s a fine carpentry tool, hacksaw, and development saw consolidated into one gadget. Jigsaws can make inclined or straight cuts and can finish assignments that are relatively difficult to finish by hand. This jigsaw review will enable you to get a more noteworthy comprehension of the Porter Cable PCE345.

The tool is amazing, has great weight conveyance, and a substantial trigger settling on it a decent decision for first-time users.

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw
  • 7 position speed dial integrated in the trigger
  • 6 amp motor for more power
  • 4 orbital settings for a variety of materials


 You’ll like this jigsaw tool as a result of its 6 amp engine with a 3,200 SPM cutting pace incorporated in this amazing woodworking tool. 6 amps is unimaginably ground-breaking at this cost different jigsaws give 4 – 5 amp engines. That power converts into a saw that can cut a more extensive scope of materials. In case you’re grabbing a jigsaw to a very practical, multi-reason saw around your home, at that point having a great engine will work well for you. ​

Perhaps the best component about this saw is the Strokes Per Minute, or SPM, that it gives. ​Note that the speed is changed, giving you more power over their cutting quality. Press onto the trigger to change the jigsaw’s speed to suit your venture prerequisites.

Some technical specs

With 7 speed positions, this jigsaw is far above others in its value go. These paces enable you to have an enormous measure of authority over what you are cutting, and how quick you do it. Keep in mind that speed to both precision and cutting capacity.

The PCE345 has 4 orbital settings that give you additional control and a bigger cutting extent. Like its engine, this scope of orbital settings is the standard sum for top of the line, costly jigsaws. You’re getting astounding force and speed settings with this Porter Cable. As a survey, orbital settings enable you to have substantially more prominent power over cutting diverse materials.

With a 4″ cut profundity, you’ll have the capacity to endure an assortment of materials. At this cost run, this outpaces the Black and Decker by 33%, and is on pace with a portion of the $150+ jigsaws available.

Knowing this saw would serve and passage level market

Porter Cable completed a pleasant activity with their wellbeing highlights. It has a security cover and wide shoe, which gives you awesome assurance and included dependability while you cut.

The jigsaw has highlights that amplifies your execution while lessening weariness. For example, the gadget has a coordinated LED light that enlightens the cutting line and enhances perceivability. This enables you to work in dim territories with restricted space all the more proficiently.

Most jigsaw instruments, regardless of whether it’s roundabout or bandsaws, take into consideration a few slope modification edges. In any case, this restricted range can keep DIYers from completing their work. The Porter Cable offers a few points (0°, 15°, 30°, 45°) which causes you level the slope slice as per your inclinations. At long last, this model accompanies toolless cutting edge change for quick and simple edge exchanging.

This jigsaw if crammed with highlights, and you may ask why anybody would spend more cash, given all that you get with this one.

The Porter Cable, as different jigsaws in this value run, isn’t so precise in its cutting as more costly models. That doesn’t make this a terrible buy; its only essential to make reference to. You will accomplish a substantially higher level of exactness from different models. This Porter Cable is most appropriate for a few times of home DIYers and carpenters.

Is this tool for me?

In case you are spic and span at owning a power saw, we exceedingly prescribe this jigsaw display. The dance saw is generally one of the primary power saws that somebody grabs, predominantly due to its flexibility, accommodation, and usability.

This Porter Cable model is ideal for tenderfoots, as it is both element rich and not costly. You’ll get the greater part of the highlights that the higher-end jigsaws contain, yet without paying a high cost.

This model is likewise incredible for somebody who isn’t dealing with advanced tasks and needn’t bother with a refined saw. The Porter Cable has all that you require. You’ll forfeit a bit on cutting exactness and pass up a portion of the strength highlights. In any case, that may be okay for you in the event that you needn’t bother with them at any rate.

In the event of metal

Porter Cable PCE345 Jigsaw’s orbital activity won’t make any difference much instead of your control. You have to practice more power and spotlight on where the jigsaw is going. Obviously, the orbital activity will help, yet control is more essential since metal is greatly versatile in that sense.

In actuality, it is smarter to keep the orbital movement determination dial on first setting. It’d likewise be better on the off chance that you can simply kill the orbital activity totally, as opposed to staying with the most reduced setting. The reason needs to do with undesirable vibrations that the orbital movement itself produces. Since my Porter Cable corded jigsaw made the sheet to bounce a great deal, I killed orbital activity for metal and close metal made mats.


  • 7 Position speed-dial within the trigger
  • More power due to 6 ampere motor
  • Lock on Switch
  • Easy Blade change option
  • Easy to Use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Maximum speed of 3200 Rotations / Minute


  • Cuts on an angle
  • Doesn’t have an onboard blade storage area
  • Trigger and speed dial are in a very close proximity
PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw
  • 7 position speed dial integrated in the trigger
  • 6 amp motor for more power
  • 4 orbital settings for a variety of materials


 Jigsaw tool is appropriately classified as a suitable power tool for usual DIYers and fair clients who would prefer not to sweat about overspending excessively on one specific item. Having said that, the organization of this woodworking tool is totally mindful of the scope of jigsaws and Porter Cable round saws they have been releasing.

For individuals who “censure” Porter Cable for discharging substandard items, they should realize that the producers are doing as such to meet the requests of spending plan cognizant clients.

In that sense, Porter Cable’s methodology is great – i.e. to make something for an ordinary sort of carpenter, however there are a great deal of changes to be made. Porter Cable PCE345 Jigsaw is no special case. Be that as it may, this jigsaw offers two one of a kind highlights, which is an amazing feature of this tool.